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Game Description

Player is supposed to prevent horde of creeps from getting to finish point on map. Every one that make it, will cost him one life and when there is no life left player lose the game. On the other hand, when there are no more creeps he wins.



Player has full arsenal of towers each with unique skill and cost, with them he should prepare most effective way where towers can affect most damage to creeps and eliminate all of them.



Those little bastards have also different attributes, while some of them are fragile and fast, others can take more hits, but move slowly. And well, there are also some bosses, that are the toughest ones, but killing them could bring some loot for player.



Creeps are coming in waves. It is up to player, when he will allow next wave of creeps to test his towers setup, but earlier is wave spawned from previous one, more score points player get. With each level creeps get little harder to destroy and move faster.


Power Ups

Because we care for players, we also implemented special items called power ups, that help him during the game. Using them wisely is key to success, player needs to learn when freeze creeps and when bomb them. Psst, there are also power ups, that will spawn waves instantly.

Why Tower Defense

Build & Defend is our first game. Since we are only hobbyists in game development industry so far, we wanted something simple to begin with. When we talked about what it should be, we remembered good old times beating levels in classic tower defense games. And it was basically it we decided that our first game will be classic Tower Defense title.

And that "classic" is important in this case. Today you can find lots of TD titles in application stores, but majority is about fixed creep path, tower places, heroes and story. That is not our perception of TD genre. 

It should be more about hordes of creeps going straight from start to finish and if there are no towers, that will be put in their path, it will be swift end. It should be also more about competing with your friends and people on-line in race who will make highest score on each map.

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