Swarming around to take all player's lifes


Basic Creep

Yeah, this is the basic creep. It is some baseline for other variations and player will see it in game a lot. It has ordinary attributes.

Reward for killing it is 1 IGC and 10 Score points.


Light Creep

This creep relies on high speed and sacrifice some of it’s health to move as fast as possible. Simply it wants to be in finish faster than any tower can take it down. With it’s low health is not interesting target for sniper towers and missiles fired at it has hard time to catch it. However explosions and laser beams can be lethal.

Reward for killing it is 1 IGC and 10 Score points.


Heavy Creep

This one goes other way, than light creep. It has more health than basic creep, but also moves slower. It can take more hits, but every other creep is faster than Heavy. From creep army point of view it is ideal when heavy creeps take majority of damage from as many towers as possible and more fragile creeps can swarm finish undisturbed. Explosions and laser beams do not cut significant portions of it’s health, but it is favorite target of sniper tower.

Reward for killing it is 3 IGC and 30 Score Points.

In Heroic mode this creep has small chance to drop a power up loot.


Boss Creep

Well well, when situation on game field requires it, even some high ranked target comes and try to make it’s way to finish. Boss creeps have both high health and high speed and who else can make it to finish if not them. Players need lot of firepower and time to bring them down, but it will usually yield juicy reward.

Reward for killing it is 10 IGC and 100 Score points.

It has high chance to drop power up loot.